Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Patient's Have Major Impact On Quality of Care Offered

By Dan Barber, Public Affairs Officer
Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital

Have you ever considered that you, as a patient, have a major impact on the type and quality of care you receive at your Naval Hospital?

Every decision made by the leadership of Navy Medicine is made with you the patient in mind. How can the best possible care be delivered to you with available assets … facilities, money and staff.

The Department of Defense uses a random survey of the hospital patient’s to grade how your hospital is doing compared to other Medical Treatment Facilities.

This survey is used to provide an independent, impartial evaluation of care provided to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center beneficiaries. You may have received a letter in the mail following a recent visit to one of the hospital’s clinics. If you took the time to open that letter and follow the directions to participate in the survey, then you will have input into future decisions Navy leadership makes in determining the type and quality of care you will receive at your Navy Hospital here.

The purpose of this survey is to provide an evaluation of the health care you receive. This information will provide tools for leadership to make informed decisions about the type of care that will be made available to you; it will provide insight for targeting quality improvements; it will allow for external comparisons of other health care services in the region; and it will promote medical care that is consistent with clinical guidelines.

Other ways for you to participate in the care you receive at the Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital is to let one of the hospital’s customer service reps know your feelings… Did you feel that your health care was lacking in some way? Were you totally happy with the services you received? Either way, it is important for the hospital to know how they are taking care of you.

In addition, the hospital conducts the Healthcare Consumer Council meeting every Quarter… this Town Council type of meeting is designed to allow the Combat Center’s healthcare beneficiaries to express concerns, compliments or constructive criticism to the leadership of the hospital.

Just recently a comment made to the commanding officer of the hospital resulted in an effort to provide a link from the hospital’s web site to the DoD’s Parenting Education site. Also available for you to provide constructive comments to the hospital is the Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital Face Book site… look us up, tell us how we are doing… your opinion matters to us.