Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays Got You Down? Join the Facebook Discussion, Connect With Others

By Kristin Musch
Behavioral Health Educator, TriWest Healthcare Alliance

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many of us may be hoping for a perfect Season: relaxation, connection and joy with family and friends. Often times, though, stress, anxiety, feelings of separation and sadness can creep in. That disconnect—what we hope to experience versus what we might actually face—can be called the “holiday blues.”

It doesn’t help that television and movies often show the holidays as wonderful, family events. No stress. No challenges. Everyone is happy and sitting around the table and no one ever struggles with money.

Of course, in reality, we know that’s not always true. Acknowledging those sad or stressful feelings, then finding ways to cope, might help you feel better. That’s why here at TriWest, we’ve launched a Facebook discussion board to help you connect with other military families and find ways to help each other.

How to Join the Facebook Discussion
We hope this discussion board will act as a supportive environment for service members and their families to connect and share how they get through their greatest stressors during the holidays. As a behavioral health educator for TriWest, I will monitor the forum, periodically posting general tips and offering suggestions.

So, how can you join? Just follow these four steps:
Log into your personal Facebook account.
“Like” TriWest’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/triwest
Click the “discussions” tab toward the top of the page.
Click the “holiday blues” discussion and post your thoughts!

I hope to see you there. And remember, realism is the key to beating the holiday blues. Keep your expectations and your budget realistic—don’t be afraid to share your concerns with others— and you’ll have a fabulous holiday season!